How To Setup First Node Of Velop System Using Android Device?

It is quite easy to setup Linksys velop intelligent mesh Wi-Fi system with Android app. When you launch the app, it will automatically identify the node and provide the complete information in animated form. Apart from this, there is Bluetooth radio enabled on every node to make the process simple and secured.


  • Linksys app should be installed from Google PlayStore.
  • A mobile with android 4.1 or later OS version.
  • Internet connection with modem or router gateway.

Steps to setup the first node using an Android device are:

  1. Open Linksys app.
  2. Click ?Setup?.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth if prompted. This is used for setup purpose only. Tap ?Turn on Bluetooth?.
  4. Read all terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to them.
  5. Setup will search for the node.
  6. Once the node gets detected, click ?Next?. If node not found, you can set up the node manually by entering the name of Velop Wi-fi system.
  7. Setup will search for internet connection.
  8. If the connection is found, you can proceed to the next step otherwise troubleshoot the connection problem.
  9. Check different wiring connections made on?Velop setup?System.
  10. Click ?Next?.
  11. You will be told to restart the modem. If you don?t want to add any enter ISP settings, click ?Next?. If you have IP settings to enter, then click ?Enter settings?.
  12. For quick restart of the modem, unplug the modem and click on ?Unplugged modem? to proceed to the next step.
  13. Ensure that all the lights are off if any light is on, then check the modem wiring. If it is off, proceed to the next step and wait for 2 minutes.
  14. Connect the modem again to the power supply and click on ?Plugged in? when completed. Wait for the modem to completely start up. This may take up to 5 minutes.
  15. Task completed a message will be displayed once startup is done. Click ?Next?.
  16. Setup a Linksys cloud account by entering the email address and the password. Click to ?Create an account?. If you are already maintaining an account, then click ?Login?.
  17. Setup is complete, you will have to wait for a minute.
  18. Create a home network with own Wi-Fi name and the password. Once done, click ?Next?. From mobile, if you are asked to enter the details of the new network, enter the name of the new Velop system and ?Password?. Reopen it to continue setup.
  19. This is how your Linksys app will create a Velop network.
  20. Give any name to the node.
  21. From the ?Success? screen, click ?Next?.
  22. Once always screen appears, click ?Next?.

The node will now check for updates and if available, it will automatically download them

For more information about velop routers like?Linksys Velop login?and?Linksys Velop setup?you can visit Linksys official websites’s link?

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