Is ?Parental Control? Option Not Working On Your Linksys Velop Router?

Linksys Velop setup?is the latest model of Wi-Fi router designed by the company which enables you to set up using dashboard. You can access the settings of your router anywhere from the world through streamlined interface. You can limit the internet usage and check the data/packet transfer rate from the home devices through parental control feature available under ?Dashboard?. Velop Intelligent Mesh type wireless systems are designed to block, pause the specific website links or set a time boundary as per your choice. However, if you are facing problem in using the ?Parental control? feature of your Wi-Fi router or is not working properly, then you can go through the steps given in the guide.

Possible causes for ?Parental controls? not working

If you find a problem in using the parental control feature of your Linksys router, then there can be a few underlying reasons which we are going to discuss here:

  • If the firmware version installed on the Linksys app is not latest, then it can be the reason for the problem which prevents you from using ?Parental control? feature.
  • Due to real-time conflicting issue, the parental controls may not work efficiently or properly.
  • If you are using the Linksys Velop router in bridge mode, the Parental controls will not work because the bridge mode doesn?t support this feature.

If you find any of the above-mentioned reasons bothering you, then nothing to get disappointed, we are now going to share the easy and effective solution with you after which you can set the parental control feature easily.

Steps to fix ?Parental control not working? issue

To fix the ?Parental control? not working issue, update the Linksys app first and follow the steps given here as under:

Update firmware: Go to ?Web-based? interface setup page by entering the IP address in the browser address bar.

  1. Go to the login window and enter the login credentials in the given fields. If no changes in the admin fields have been made so far, you can enter ?Admin? in the username as well as in the password field.
  2. In a new window, check if any updates are available for download. Click ?Update? to start updating the version. It will automatically install and downloaded. You need to wait for few minutes. Now, turn off the router and wait for few seconds to turn it on again.
  3. Go to ?Support? page from the Linksys web router setup page and open ?Drop-down? menu. Select the model number you are using and check the files downloaded in the destination folder. Click the ?Download? button from it. Save file and go to router setup page again.
  4. Tap ?Administration? tab and select ?Firmware update?. Now, you have to choose the file which you have recently saved and allow it to update automatically.

In this manner, you can fix ?Parental control? not working problem. After implementing these steps, you can set parental control for a particular website from the router page.

For more information about velop routers like?Linksys Router login?and?Linksys Smart Wifi login?you can visit Linksys official websites?s link?

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